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Pedestrian Fecing Hire

Icthus provide short and long term hire as well as the sale of many types of temporary fencing. These can be used for perimeter fencing and crowd control for projects such as events, construction and asset protection.


Anitclimb Fencing

Commonly known as Heras, these 2m high and 3.5m wide panels are the industry standard for perimeter fencing. Supplied with clips and bases, installation is quick, so large site can be secured in minimal time. Stabilisers are available for these panels



For a private area or to reduce visibility from those outside, hoarding panels are the ideal solution. Each panel is 2m high and 2.1m wide. These are solid panels and along with clips and feet, these can be supplied with infills to block line of sight through the joins. To increase structure rigidity, supporting posts are also available.


Pedestrian Barrier

For crowd control and channeling, at a height of 1.1m and width of 2.3m, this is an easy solution to install and to adjust during the event. These are easily moved by a single operative and link together without the addition of other parts.


Pit Barrier

Often referred to as Mojo, these are around 1m by 1m, link together and are self supporting. Often fulfilling a licensing objective or just to protect the front of stage area, pit barrier is quick to assemble and safe to use.



Sound Proofing - Ideal for generator compounds and construction sites, these fix on anitclimb fencing and reduce the sound by up to 20dB.

Gates - Available for pedestrian or vehicles, these suit the anticlimb fencing panels.

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